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Grey Mare’s Tail Canyon

Quick Details

Adults Over 16 years old

Grey Mare’s Tail Canyoning

Looking for extreme canyoning in Scotland? You’ve found it — this is currently the most technical canyon in the UK, a committing slot canyon full of drops, long slides, jumps and multi-pitch abseils.

Using the Via Ferrata to reach the top of the canyon at the start of the day this trip gives you two amazing activities in one! This really is canyoning as you would find it in the Alps, featuring large waterfalls with breathtaking scenery. This trip climaxes with a multi-pitch 90m abseil alongside the Grey Mare’s Tail Waterfall so a head for heights is essential!

We provide you with the very best professional guiding, all the specialist equipment needed and one of the most exciting and exhilarating outdoor activities in Scotland.